Welcome guys to the SEO Affiliate Domination course review. I will provide a fairly in-depth review of this course since I have been using it for more than a year now.

Prior to this course, I have acquired several courses. Some expensive, others cheap, and to be honest, none has produced the promised results. My last acquisition, prior to SEO Affiliate Domination, was to hire the coach services of a “guru” who was making a lot money. The problem is that after paying for his sessions, I have no money left to invest in the methods he used to generate traffic. He was making a lot of money, but he also invested exorbitant amounts which I could not afford to invest ($1000 / day). After that, I was left with less money than before.

I have also tried other programs such as the gone Empower Network and High Traffic Academy. None had worked, and I was even about to throw in the towel. I came to think that making money online was not for me. That it would be best to return to the classic method of earning money, which was to look for a “normal” job. I wouldn’t earn much money, but at least I could survive day by day.

But I was following the ClickFunnels group closely, and there was a guy who was drawing my attention: it was Greg Jeffries. I watched closely how he was showing his earnings until suddenly he became part of the select group of people who had won the car of his dreams in the promotion of ClickFunnels. Then I saw the interview he did.

Before he won the car, I knew he was selling a course, but at that time, I thought it was just another piece of sh*t that was sold by the self-called “gurus”. That was until he won Click Funnel’s dream car.

Just when I was about to give up my dreams of making money online, I decided to try Greg’s course. Apart from following Greg’s advances, there were two things that caught my attention:

1. An ad that promised that Greg would return me the amount of money I used to buy his course once I earn an equal amount by using the strategies he taught in the course. That would be the equivalent of doubling my capital: for example, if the course was worth $ 497, at the time I would earn $ 497 or more using his strategies, I would be receiving $ 994 in total.

2. His methods did not require too much capital to carry traffic. They used free or low-cost tools, which was perfect for my case because I had run out of capital to begin with.

Of all the courses that I have acquired from the so-called “gurus”, I can assure you that Greg is the only person whose income actually comes from what applies in his course, rather than from the sales of the course itself. In fact, as he indicates: “10% of my income comes from the sale of my course; 90% comes from the affiliate products that I promote, applying my strategies ”, and this is easily proven, since as I said before, Greg returns the value of the course to people who have earned money using his strategies. All he asks is that you record a small testimony video. More and more people are added on the testimonials page.

Now let me give you enough information about Greg Jeffries’ SEO Affiliate Domination course so that you have the foundation and determine if his course is really what you’re looking for. We will analyze the strategies Greg uses and the pros and cons of his course.

The course is based on two strategies:

Strategy Number 1.

Creation of sites of massive pages using a complement called SERP Shaker. For this you will use the most popular platform to create blogs: WordPress.

Strategy Number 2.

Creation of authority websites.

Let’s look at each of the strategies in detail now:

Strategy Number 1.

This strategy consists of creating massive blogs using long tail keywords. You use a tool to generate niche keywords that you want to promote, such as Keywords Everywhere. Let’s say your niche is the sale of beauty products, you put “beauty products” as your keyword, and the tool will find many long tail keywords. For each keyword found you will generate an article.

It should be noted that this strategy is not what is called White hat SEO, rather it falls into the category of Gray hat SEO. Many SEO gurus will not talk about this strategy because they think they are going to risk their Google accounts, and in fact, if you do it in the wrong way, you can take that risk, but as Arnold says: break the rules, don’t the law!

The good thing about the massive pages strategy is that it can be replicated again and again: once you know the process and have applied it you only have to repeat what you already did to duplicate your results, rinse and repeat. Although the lifespan of one of these websites is not very long. Despite that, you can have unlimited number of massive blogs and earn good money with them.

I have also seen that not all blogs take off, some take longer than others, being able to take off from one to three months or even longer. But once it has taken off, the return on investment can be quite interesting.

Another thing that caught my attention in the SEO Affiliate Domination course is the number of testimonial videos from people who have managed to recover their investment of the course. You can even see me in one of those videos, and more and more people upload their videos giving testimony that they have recovered their investment. Greg Jeffries really is quite generous in doing that. No one else has done it, since the other “gurus” earn much of their income through the sale of their courses and I’m not even sure if they apply what they teach. You can watch the testimonial videos here.

Advantages of SEO Affiliate Domination Course

There are several advantages I have found about SEO Affiliate Domination course. Here are some of them:

Advantage #1

The private Facebook group. It is a very pleasant group, where you can ask anything about the course and about online marketing strategies in general. There are many members who have a lot of SEO experience and are doing a good job with their blogs. They also share their experiences, which can serve as motivation for you to move forward. Greg also indicates case studies and recommendations of tools that he uses and what works for him.

All beginners naturally have doubts. In the group, you can ask all the questions you have and they will be answered in no time. No one in the group is left behind.

Figure FB Group

Advantage #2

Another advantage of the course is the tips and tricks that Greg shares within the course. Although I can’t reveal much about this, what I can assure you is that Greg doesn’t hide anything. He reveals everything: his tricks, what he has proven to work for him. So, you must be prepared to discover some tips and tricks that fall into the gray hat SEO category in the Scale Strategies section of the course.

Advantage #3

Weekly Q&A sessions. Although this option is no longer available today, there were many sessions at the beginning, and they were recorded. You can listen to the recordings within the course, in the Webinars section and they are still very helpful.

Advantage #4

Interviews with some of the most outstanding students. One of them is Jacob Caris, you may already know him, and yes, as he has said several times: he is at where he is now thanks to SEO Affiliate Domination course, because this is where his success started. You can watch the interviews at any time. They are success stories that will inspire you. If many have succeeded, you can also … if you are willing to work and implement what the course teaches you.

Disadvantages of SEO Affiliate Domination Course

Ok, like all things in life, this course also comes in packages, it has advantages and also disadvantages. Time to tell you the disadvantages of SEO Affiliate Domination course:

Disadvantage #1

It does not cover Authority sites in a deep level. So, if you want to create one, you will need to look for somewhere else.

Disadvantage #2

SEO Affiliate Domination does not cover more advanced strategies like PBNs (Private Blog Networks). As I said before, the purpose of SEO Affiliate Domination is making money quickly and spending little or no money at all on sophisticated and expensive tools.


The investment you need to acquire the SEO Affiliate Domination course at the moment of this writing is one payment of $ 497, but from January 2020, the price will increase to $997, so if you are lucky to read this before December 31st 2019, take that chance. Remember that you can recover this investment once you learn to use the strategies that Greg uses and you earn an amount equal to or greater than the price you invested for the course.


SEO Affiliate Domination is an excellent tool for you if you want to learn how to make money online once and for all. It is especially recommended for those people who do not have many resources to invest. Obviously, you will need resources to invest, but they will not be expensive. The idea of this course is that you generate capital as soon as possible so that you can invest in other more advanced strategies such as creating a PBN, creating authority sites, invest on paid traffic such as campaigns in Facebook, PPC, etc.